The answer can be found in this book, CAUGHT In The Act of Helping. Be prepared to read the well-documented, incredible, true story of how an Assistant Attorney General in the State of Maine actively joined a cyber smear campaign to destroy a 23 year-old nonprofit organization providing a revolutionary balancing technology. The Gentle Wind Project* was an internationally recognized organization known for helping people find emotional relief and balance. Why this was done is a question that can be answered only by those who caused so much harm to this Project and to the thousands of people involved with it.

CAUGHT In The Act Of Helping is not merely a book of personal opinions. It is a very well-documented book that exposes the misuse of government power. This book reveals in detail the cyber smear groups responsible for the misinformation deliberately proliferated on the Internet regarding GWP and its former staff. It reveals the ongoing relationship between the cyber smear group and the Maine Attorney General's office during a so-called investigation?

This book is a voice of common sense and reason. As citizens of a free nation, we should have the right to try and use harmless, non-toxic health care products without government interference. Those who naturally resist new developments should not have the right to determine our health care choices. If you have wondered what happened to The Gentle Wind Project, CAUGHT In The Act Of Helping will tell you everything you COULD NOT find online until now. It provides a methodical presentation of the truth.

In American society, every citizen has the right to be treated as an innocent person until proven otherwise. During the Maine AG's investigation and long before all evidence was gathered, the Maine Attorney General's office spoke out to the media revealing their so-called investigation'? This is something that the AG's office claimed it would not do until an investigation was completed, otherwise the investigation could become contaminated. However, this is exactly what happened. Instead of keeping to their word, the AG's office revealed the investigation to a television producer. Their statements were posted on television and on the Internet, an international forum. Their words had the effect of destroying The Gentle Wind Project, both financially and otherwise, long before all proper legal channels could be followed. The net effect was that GWP was bankrupted by these tactics and the organization never had a chance to stand up for itself and all its the good-will efforts.

Furthermore, The Gentle Wind Project had the right to an investigation by an unbiased and independent Assistant Attorney General. Instead, The Gentle Wind Project was accused of wrong-doing before the AG's office had a single document in hand. And, again, this so-called investigation? took place in conjunction with a documented and contaminated relationship between the Maine AG's office and a cyber smear group. 

We are here now to correct the misleading and deliberately damaging information that has appeared on television, in newspapers, on the Internet and other forums about The Gentle Wind Project. The Gentle Wind Project was a 23-year-old non-profit organization that apparently helped hundreds of thousands of people around the globe find inner balance through the use of hand-held instruments. This work was all done free of charge, as all documentation demonstrated.

The casualties of this battle with the Maine Attorney General's office and their cyber smear associates could fill volumes. The first and most important casualties were the people who could have used the help offered by GWP but did not get it because the Maine AG's office and their cyber smear associates were so very successful in shutting down the work of GWP. Before the Maine Attorney General's office and their cyber smear associates began their efforts to harm GWP, there were over 325 positive references to The Gentle Wind Project on the Internet. There was one negative website from a man who sold competitive products and who later became part of the cyber smear campaign. Gentle Wind had more than 6500 volunteers from around the globe who owned instruments and were sharing them free of charge with anyone seeking GWP's help. There were another several thousand who preferred not to be on the formal list of GWP volunteers, but who used instruments for themselves, and some of whom shared instruments freely with clients, family, and friends. 

This means there were over 10,000 pathways available for people around the world to receive GWP’s help free of charge. This number does not include all the instruments given away by GWP or distributed free of charge to the general public, as was GWP’s policy prior to 1995. All of this help, remember, was free of charge. These services were a good-will effort to help alleviate some of the mental and emotional suffering in humanity. Based on years of observation and on thousands of positive reports from instrument users, we have to assume that at least some of the people who might have found GWP instruments would have experienced some relief from their mental and emotional distress. We hope that you will take the time to read the sampling of testimonials included on this website. You can only be left with wondering what kind of people would want to stop this kind of help from reaching the people who need it?

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The Gentle Wind Project is no longer in existence. The statements made on this website about the Gentle Wind Project technology are taken from public records; documents supplied to the Maine Attorney General's Office. The Gentle Wind Project was never evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The authors of this website make no claims regarding the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any physical or emotional condition that involve the use of GWP technology. If you have a serious physical, mental or emotional condition, you should seek the help of a qualified Medical doctor at once. Having said all of this, the best clinical trial in the world is the one that you conduct on yourself. 

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